Parent Volunteers: the Heart of NCP!

Friends of Northside (FON) facilitates communication between parents and the school, organizes parent volunteers, plans and sponsors social/educational events and helps raise much needed funds – a role more important than ever now that we have to bridge the financial gap caused by recent and increasing CPS budget cuts.  Friends of Northside asks every family to contribute 5 hours to Northside each year. This could include staffing school events, chaperoning field trips, assisting with the Gala and more.

We invite everyone to consider participating in the wide variety of volunteer opportunities available at NCP. Choose one that suits your talents, schedule and experience, or build and grow a new skill-set for yourself.

Here are some of the positions for which we need help in the coming school year.

▪ FON Board: The annually elected Board of Directors for FON. There are Board member positions available for parents of incoming freshman. The election process for those positions takes place in the spring.
▪ Events: Keep our events and programs running smoothly. Opportunities for involvement include Faculty & Staff Appreciation, College Ambassadors, Graduation Reception and Prospective Student Open House.
▪ Parent Communications or Data Management: Help with ongoing projects that facilitate communications via our FON Connect parent database or our email blasts to parents.

Contact Friends of Northside HERE.

New freshman parents, we encourage you to join us!

CPS Volunteer Requirements

According to CPS policy, anybody who is going to be in contact with students must be approved as a CPS volunteer. There are two levels of volunteers, Level 1 and Level 2.

Level II Volunteers

(This process can be completed in a day & is required even of volunteers for Friends of Northside events)
A fingerprint criminal background check is not required for Level II Volunteers.

A Level II Volunteer is:

1. A parent providing supervised volunteer service in their child’s school or classroom for less than 10 hours/week;
2. Any individual providing volunteer service for less than 5 hours/week at a school where s/he does not have a child enrolled;
3. An individual providing incidental volunteer service with no ongoing individualized interaction with a student(s) including those who speak at a class/assembly, judge academic competitions, give musical performance, participate in the “Principal for a Day” program, job shadowing event or other one-time event provided where there is direct supervision of the activity/event by regular school employees;
4. A parent accompanying his/her child’s class on a one-day field trip or another type of extracurricular activity that does not involve an overnight stay;
5. An individual providing volunteer service on projects/activities involving no or nominal contact with children (home-based volunteer activities, volunteers serving at Central or Network office).

Level I Volunteers

(Please allow 8-12 weeks for the entire process)
A fingerprint criminal background check is required for all Level I Volunteers.

A Level I volunteer is:

1. A parent providing volunteer service in their child’s school or classroom for 10 or more hours/week;
2. An individual providing volunteer service for 5 or more hours/week at a school where s/he does not have a child enrolled;
3. Any individual chaperoning an overnight school-sponsored trip, regardless of the hours/week that the volunteer serves (See also the Student Travel Policy).

To become a volunteer, please visit CPS’ Volunteer website and follow the instructions. There is also a link on Northside’s website on the Parents page Northside Volunteers.

Assistant Principal Kaitlin O’Hare is Northside’s Volunteer Coordinator. After applying to become a volunteer, you must visit the school and show Ms. O’Hare your ID, so she can approve you to move forward in the volunteer process. For Level II volunteers, that is the only step you must take. For Level 1, you will receive further instructions from CPS.

Join the 2019 Spring Benefit Team

The Gala is NCP’s major spring fundraiser. Get involved, get to know NCP staff and parents, and make a profound impact on Northside College Prep.

When is the Spring Benefit?

Friday, March 8, 2019

What’s the time commitment for the team?

We start meeting in December. The majority of the work takes place between January and March and requires a handful of hours per week.

Learn more

Visit the Spring Benefit page for additional information.

Do You Have a Career You’re Passionate About?

Are you willing to share your knowledge with NCP students?

Teachers are looking for parents to speak about their profession in a classroom setting. Click HERE to add your name to a roster that we’ll pass along to our teacher representatives.

How you can help in other ways:

Northside loves parent volunteers! Parents are welcome and needed in so many areas, including fundraising, chaperoning dances and field trips, providing refreshments for school events, working on our new student/parent database, welcoming college admissions officers – the list goes on! We hope you can find a volunteer opportunity that fits your interests. Please visit our Committees page to contact our committee chairs if you are interested in a specific project, or sign up for one-time volunteer commitments through Some of the volunteer needs you will find on include the following:

Back to School Night
Halloween Dance
Faculty Staff Holiday Brunch
Contact to help, or click HERE.

There are numerous ways to be involved at Northside College Prep with various degrees of commitment.  Volunteering is an easy way to positively impact your student’s Northside experience and a great way to meet other engaged parents, administration, faculty and staff. Please indicate your interests in your FON Connect profile.