Northside families from Class of 2022 or before should already have an FON Connect account created for EACH PARENT based on initial information collected from Friends of Northside.  If you have a Class of 2022 student or older, DO NOT “Create a New Account” or create a joint account, just follow the instructions below.

Class of 2024-2027 Families: Fill out our Directory Input Sheet (to join our online Student/Parent Directory) and create an FON Connect account for all 4 years at Northside.

Class of 2018-2023 parents, if this is your first time logging in to FON Connect, you will need to connect to your pre-established account first and assign yourself a login & password.  To do so, please click HERE, then click on “Forgot Password?” (above the password field) and enter your email address to be sent a link to create a login name and password for your account.

EACH PARENT has a separate account, so donation information will be listed on the account of the parent who made the donation.  All transactions made by that parent throughout their time at Northside can be viewed by logging in to their account.

Once you have linked to your pre-established account by using the instructions above, keep your login information handy because it will be your key to the FON Connect database throughout your years at Northside.

What is FON Connect?

FON Connect is a new customer/constituent relationship management (CRM) system that allows Friends of Northside to work from one database! We’ll now be able to efficiently build a Family Directory each year, send email communications (like This Week at Northside), process donations, record volunteer interest areas, create quick surveys and manage events.  Each parent has a separate FON Connect account, and donation history will be shown on the account of the parent who made the donation.  Parents residing at two different addresses can now input each address under their own accounts.

This database is a project of our parent volunteers. It is NOT a CPS database and is completely different and separate from the Parent Portal.

Where is the NCP Family Directory?

Building our new database is a significant task, and requires time intensive data entry. The directory is available online and will continually be updated as new information is entered. As in the past, directory information includes student name, student and parent/guardian address, parent/guardian telephone number, parent/guardian e-mail address, and student grad year. Directory information will be made available only to Northside families who login via FON Connect (see instructions above).  The directory will be searchable so that families with different last names or addresses can now be searched via a “Household Name” field.  This portion is being populated manually so please bear with us.

Looking for Carpool Information?

An opt-in carpool map is available after logging in to FON Connect.  Please follow the log-in directions above.  The carpool information can be found on the Welcome page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.